Why IKEA rocks

This Saturday my bed died right under me.
It simply broke apart in the middle of the night, waking me and my wife and I almost fell out of it.
The technical design of our former bed actually dictates that it will break really soon after buying it (we had it for less than 3 years). The whole weight is spread over the middle bar which is held in place by two shoddy plastic feet and two metal pieces, and 3 L shaped metal plates on each side of the bed.
All of the L shaped plates can be bent when you lie on the bed. And this exactly what happened. The first time this happened I flipped them around so they would bend back over time, but that only prolonged the death of the bed a bit. Once they had bent again (with me falling through the bed yet again) they were so weak that they couldn't take the pressure for more than a few nights.
Then on last Saturday I fell through again. I knew it would not be enough to flip them around again because they had been severely bent this time and would not hold another night.
I spent the night on the couch which is no fun when you have two cats and no curtains in your living room.
So on Monday I set out to get a new bed. My sister got a Malm bed from IKEA that I helped setting up so I went with one of those. Buying online was out of the question because it would take them over a week to deliver so I had to get to IKEA myself. Lucky me, my brother took the car for a 2 week ride into nowhere so I took the train.
Once arrived at IKEA the obvious things happened. I came prepared with a shopping list and left with more than I intended to buy. Then I went to the home delivery counter and asked for an express delivery.
I expected another night or two on the couch but the guy at the counter pleasantly surprised me by telling me that they could deliver my groceries on the same day. 18:00 - 22:00. It was 17:30 when I set up the delivery (!). And delivery was cheap too (79 €, into the flat)
The bed then arrived at 20:30 and it took us less than 30 minutes to set it up.
From no to one bed in less than one day - this is why IKEA rocks.