DIY Negative Development

As I have written previously I like analog things. For photography, I have pushed everything to a new level and develop the negatives myself and scan them using a Canon CanoScan 9000f MK II. I owe a lot to Jens-Michel Cramer and his excellent blog post on developing C41 film. I pretty much exactly use his routine, with a single change: I do a finishing rinse of the film because the stabilizer leaves stains on the film that I don't want to have.

The camera I use (for now) is a self assembled Twin Lens Reflex that I got from Amazon. I am currently waiting for a Konstruktor and a Green Holga (black was sold out) to be shipped, then I will switch cameras around until I learn how to use each of them. The TLR shutter is a little tricky and I lost a few frames on the first film, but after tweaking it abit I only lose ~2 frames per film. I did not lose any pictures though because you get used to the shutter sound and can hear when It didn't open and close correctly.

The film I use is standard Kodak 200 ISO 36 frames. It is easy to get and does the job well enough for my standards.

Enough talking, here are some results.

PS: Blogger image arranging makes me go crazy.