My Life #throughglass

So I finally got it. Ever since seeing the first concept video of Google Glass I wanted one. Badly. I went to great lengths to get one, failed, tried again, failed again, flamed Google on G+ and at the end somehow managed to get one.

It arrived on Thursday and I have been wearing it since. It's awesome. It really is. And of course it has bugs, but it's not a finished product yet anyway.

It's interesting that I did not face more Privacy related discussions, given the fact that I was at 2 Software related events in the last few days: Our overdue X-Mas party and the Austria Game Jam.

The Picture Quality is OK, you can check for yourself at my AGJ2014 album.
Video recording could have better audio - you barely hear others when they stand next to me. See my presentation of our AGJ2014 game to know what I mean.

Here is a quick recap about my experience with Glass so far:

Cool things:

  • Winking to take a picture is the most practical thing EVER. I take a ton of pictures and videos with my Nexus 4, now I take even more.
  • I don't wear a watch because it sucks to wear one when you are at the keyboard 24x7. Now I have one in sight all the time.
  • Navigation has never been cooler.

Bad things:

  • Why does the start screen not show the date? Seriously!
  • Calling somebody sucks big time. The quality you hear and the quality the other end gets are so terrible that it's unusable.
  • When you use something that requires quite a lot of processing (WordLens / Video recording) the device gets quite warm which is uncomfortable.