Glass reactions

During the last few weeks I had some interesting encounters while wearing Glass. Most people react positively and are amazed when I let them try them on. The only place where people wanted me to take them off (which I did ofcourse) was the Metalab. No big surprise :)

Here are some of the highlights that people said:

  • I want to let it google 'glasshole' but you are not behaving like one.
    I take this as a compliment :)
  • OK glass go to <random porn site>.
    This joke is becoming old quicker than anything else. And it actually never worked, no idea why not.
  • You have a totally different perspective, you are so high up!
    That was my wife who is about 20 cm shorter than I am. I let hear shoot a video on Glass walking though our flat. It was an interesting experience seeing the world (and myself) from her angle.
  • You glow like a Christmas tree.
    Yea, the display turns on a lot when you sit on the sofa and talk to people that walk around the room.
  • Those glasses look back, don't they?
    That sentence made me smile. It's true, after all.
  • Next time, I know where to hit.
    That was about the strongest reaction I had so far. The guy that said it wasn't one of the smart kind and trying to hit me is not a good idea, either.