The Internet as we know it has just ceased to exist

The Court of Justice of the European Union has just allowed to censor the web on copyright claims by requiring providers to block the access to specific Domains.

While the copyright lobby claims it's just a "handful" of domains that they want to get rid of, it's just a matter of time when they will loosen their definition of handful. This has happened in the past so many times that I cannot comprehend how any court can not see and anticipate this. Want more examples? Dig through the EFF yourself and you will see what I mean.
Free speech has just been destroyed in Europe. Welcome to Hell.



One of the worst things that politics can throw at us is censorship.
TTIP is designed to do just that. Please take up your civil duties and fight it.


Documentation by video

Sometime during the last few years people started to provide how-tos and sometimes documentation for various topics by uploading a video with audio commentary to YouTube.

Please stop doing that. The average human can read about 250 words per minute - way more than we are capable of speaking.
There are videos for trivial tasks on YouTube that would take only a few lines to describe and maybe a Screenshot or photo. Still, people are producing low quality videos with bad audio which do not get to the point within the first third of the time (see Wadsworth constant).

I appreciate the effort, I just hate the method.