Poem: A gambled dream

I've gambled all.
Did I lose? Did I win?
I'm not selling out!
I'm buying in.

The strangest dream, 
a film I'm in. 
I'm losing it!
I'm done within!

Alone again,
breathe out, breathe in.
How strange is life!
Where have I been?

What happens now?
Whatever will!
I will find out,
I'm buying in!

Do I regret?
I never will!
I've gambled all,
but did I win?

The dark depression
that I've been,
got lighter now
as light came in.

I guess I lost
and I did win.
How strange the world
that I live in.

A dream I had.
Why wake? I cling
to moments of
just peace within.

A gambled dream,
a form of sin.
I have come back
from where I've been.

As time goes on
I change within
accept myself
with all I've been.

An easy life,
is not my thing.
I gave it up,
I'm buying in.

And what will come?
Who knows? I will
live through it all
and fight within.

A fight that I
may never win.
Yet never lose
a gambled dream.