I'm spent.
I'm done.
Happiness has gone.
My life, a heap of shards.
Cut into pieces no one wants.
The ocean swallows me.
A stone without a shore.

The fire did not burn for me.
So much life in misery.

I drown in tears I cry for her.
I shout out loud and want it gone.
Can't take the agony and misery.

No talks, no life, no end to see.
Old though are taking over me.
Death,my beloved enemy.
One day we will meet and see,
there is no place for me to flee.

Kicked when down and thrown around.
Hurting in this moment, just to see,
I gave my best and yet ain't free.
Demons lurking inside me.
Another bitter tragedy.

Suicidal tendencies. Clean up the mess.
Please crazy diamond shine on me.

Are we all just torn apart?
Kill myself to make everybody pay.