Poem: The Devil is Moving

The devil is moving, it's out of control.
It broke my heart now it is after my soul.
It made me lose all my self control and forced me to endure the worst of it all.

It made me a devil I never wanted to know.
Took me to a dark place in my very own soul.
One day I broke out of it's tight control started a new life without all this sorrow.

The devil is moving but now I'm not alone.
I found an angel, a very kind soul.
It showed me that there is still so much more to know, feelings to share and wonders to behold.

An untainted being without the control,
over my mind, my body and soul.
Accepting my life without prejudice or scorn but showing it's kindness it's trust and it's glow.

The devil I knew is gone and within all
The horrors that came just after the fall.
I learned to hold on to the good things I know, a daughter, a home and the people I know.

The devil is moving, launching another attack.
But this time I'm not the target for its wrath.
A new life can start and feelings now grow, for the angel of kindness, savior of my soul.