Expect more German

In the future, I will start writing posts in German.
This blog has always been about my opinions on things. I've used it to vent my rage and anger, as well as my fears. It's been about my life, things I like and work on and an outlet for my poetry.

I chose to write in English because I like it. I write a lot of texts, mostly poetry, that I never make public.

Writing is always about my personal opinion and views on things. Lately, there has been a lot going on in Austria that I want to talk about. Using English for this seems kind of strange, I want my readers (which are very few, but who cares) to have it easy to follow the posts. I'll also have to use a lot of German terms that I don't want to translate because it's a lot of work.

To sum it up, expect German posts. I'll tag all posts with a language in the future and might add a menu to find them quickly.


Poem: Be Who You Are

Be who you are she said.
Sounds so easy, is so hard.
It needs passion, it needs art.
Feeding on this beating heart.

How can you be what no one is?
Be it an angel or the beast.
No one tells and no one knows.
Depths inside that you don't show.

I am what I am and I accept
whatever's hiding in this depth.
If you don't like it, so be it.
I lead my life how I see fit.


A Strange Mistress

Feelings are strange. Sometimes they just jump into your face out of nowhere, stay there for a few moments and then leave again. The hard part is to deal with these moments.

I haven't written anything in the last few months. Then suddenly, along comes an old feeling that feels a lot less intense than it did in my last life. Looks like I changed a lot.

Anyway, I decided I'd write about it. It's not a particularly good text and I just wrote it down the way it fell out of my head. It's not as refined as most of my texts which usually take a few days to a few weeks to be finished, if ever.

Loneliness, a strange mistress.

Unseen she's there, unfelt she stares.
Unheard she tells, she whispers and yells.

It's been awhile I've been with her.
Can't say at all that I missed her.

Just sits right there and stares at you.
Has nothing better than this to do.

The tainted smirk that's on her face
keeps telling me I lost this race.