A Strange Mistress

Feelings are strange. Sometimes they just jump into your face out of nowhere, stay there for a few moments and then leave again. The hard part is to deal with these moments.

I haven't written anything in the last few months. Then suddenly, along comes an old feeling that feels a lot less intense than it did in my last life. Looks like I changed a lot.

Anyway, I decided I'd write about it. It's not a particularly good text and I just wrote it down the way it fell out of my head. It's not as refined as most of my texts which usually take a few days to a few weeks to be finished, if ever.

Loneliness, a strange mistress.

Unseen she's there, unfelt she stares.
Unheard she tells, she whispers and yells.

It's been awhile I've been with her.
Can't say at all that I missed her.

Just sits right there and stares at you.
Has nothing better than this to do.

The tainted smirk that's on her face
keeps telling me I lost this race.